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Portal Combat

BOOM! Josh & I swung down to Texas this past April to shoot this piece with Film Riot. It was just released, and we’re mega-proud of how it turned out. Josh DP’d and operated camera, while I recorded location sound.

Film Riot produced this in collaboration with Hitfilm, who has just released Hitfilm 3 Express for free at

ALSO, here are Part 1 & 2 of fun & insightful behind-the scenes from Connolly as well for your enjoyment and learnings.

Grading Tutorial on U.F.Oh Yeah

Wanna know a bit more about grading & colour? I just worked on a grade for Ryan Connolly’s film U.F.Oh Yeah – just a fantastic short film. Ryan had me put together a short tutorial on how I used Resolve & my eye for colour to grade the film. If you haven’t seen it yet, here’s the short – then check out the tutorial after the jump.