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Grade your show with us


Colour is one of the most important parts of your film, and that should go without saying – it is a visual medium, after all! Oddly, though, it’s one of the most forgotten tools available for the filmmaker! Swing by and get it done at our studio – it can make a night and day difference. Whether you need a simple colour correction or are looking for a very specific look, we’ve got you covered.

We provide a full Davinci Resolve grading suite for web or broadcast, including a 50″ professional Panasonic plasma reference monitor for sessions with you, the client. We charge $700/day for this service, but if you just have a short piece, we also have an hourly rate at $80/hr.

Want to know more about what a colourist does? Check out this piece that we enjoyed.

Jesus is the Centre

Our recent film “Jesus is the Centre,” which we produced for Westside Church, has been received very well and we have enjoyed the responses and feedback from everyone. We’ve had some requests for a behind-the-scenes look at the piece, so here you go!

Westside Church moved into The Centre (previously The Centre for Performing Arts) in Vancouver August 6th, 2013. A month before that, Westside asked Josh & I if we would be willing to create a film to be shown at the first gathering at the new venue. As we are both members of Westside Church, we were of course totally fired up about doing that!

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Clear Minds & Dirty Feet

Sometimes it’s fun to get a project and see how quick it can be turned around.

This one we shot one afternoon & edited immediately thereafter. Love working with Jon Morrison at any day, and this piece was no different. Check out his blog over at