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Expect the Unexpected

As we partly expected — things have not gone as planned. Since the media team first decided to set out on this adventure last autumn, we’ve continually been surprised as we watched plan after plan get crumpled and crushed. For most people on a tight schedule, the slightest turn of events might throw them into an uproar, but I think that the past month’s events have prepared us for certain minor calamities. For example at 5am Monday morning, we arrived at the airport only to find out that our flight to Kulu had been cancelled and nothing else would fly us there that day. There were no freak-outs, no red faces, not even raised voices — just a calm and cool collective decision to put a 180 on our five-day itinerary and head to Chandigarh instead, where we planned to visit the Shanti Niketan Children’s Home after Dar-Ul-Fazl.

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About Town

Here are just a few shots Ryan took while we shot some B-roll around Delhi today. We met with Mia briefly later in the afternoon; she has been feeling sick for the past few days, so please pray for her. We are all scheduled to fly together to Manali first thing in the morning for five days and I am so looking forward to a break from this 100+ degree weather.

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We Have Arrived

After seven months of waiting — the Media Team has finally arrived in India. Praise!! I have to say, it feels absolutely unreal; when a trip gets postponed for so long, part of you wonders if it’s ever going to happen. It wasn’t until we were off the plane and walking towards Customs that I was finally able to feel butterflies of excitement; we have arrived — and without any complications.

For having travelled nearly twenty-four hours and jumping 12.5 hours ahead of our time zone, I can speak for us all — we’re a very spry group. Fully awake and eager to get out and start exploring Old Delhi. We stepped out of the airport at 7am local time and were greeted by one of our hosts and the most wonderfully warm overcast morning. Upon arriving at our guesthouse, the air was filled with the scent of spiced chai — nothing at all like “an assault to my senses” as many people have warned about. I suspect that we will have that experience at some point, but I’m glad for the lovely welcome.

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