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The Gospel & Teaching Through Media

Before you read, take a look at this. I have thoughts, I have questions…

I picked this particular piece because it seems to typify the kind of Christian media I think the most about. Why?

It’s the content; what’s being taught by implication or otherwise. As storytellers, filmmakers, creatives, our primary concern should always be the content, and the style can follow suit as of secondary importance. I think style has increased very well over the recent years, and can only get better and diversify as Christians who happen to be artists regain their calling.

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at the backstage lounge

A whole bunch of my musician friends that I know through Westside played at the Backstage Lounge this last Monday, so I decided to show up with our new Sony FS-100 camera and Canon 24-70 2.8L lens (plus I had never seen any of the groups play before – what kind of friend am I!?) First of all, I really enjoyed all of there music – some skilled peeps I tell ya!

I was also blown away by the performance of this camera. Really. I had the gain set to 18dB, sometimes as high as 24dB (the camera goes up to 30dB), and it’s such a clean and beautiful picture. For those of you who who are starting to lose interest, turning up the gain that high on most cameras would turn the picture in a noisy mess of UGLY. (Not sure that regained anyone’s interest but no matter! I am PUMPED!!) The camera saw almost better than I did in some circumstances.

Here are the beautiful peoples and their beautiful musics (with more to come!)

Jeremey Zimmerman and Sarah Miller / Shout Out Loud

Marc Ross / We Are Known

Buried: Photography

Transposition Films & friends shot Buried in 60 seconds for our submission to the Virgin Radio Fake Film Festival. While we didn’t win (what, they can’t see talent when it’s right in front of them!?) we’re cutting together a longer version to present.¬†While that’s happening, here are some photographs to enjoy from the shoot, thanks to Clint Bargen. Check them out on Facebook.