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India 2012 Footage Preview

In May of 2012, Storyspark and Transposition Films headed to the northern provinces of India to capture the story of Mia Kumari, a fashion stylist. While Mia’s story is yet to come, this is a peek at a bit of the footage we filmed along the way, edited together by Storyspark. Enjoy!

Filmed on Red Epic & Scarlet
Music by Chris Zabriskie

And We’re Back

The Media Team is back from India and feeling fantastic. It was a whirlwind adventure and at times, a bit of a struggle to fit in everything we wanted to get done; on God’s grace we managed and have some amazing footage to sort through. This will be a long process for us as Trevor and the guys of Transposition Films need to get back to work to pay the bills; the hope is that this film will be completed in Spring, next year. Please forgive us now as I tell you that we won’t divulge too much to you about everything that happened in our time away; the best stories are the ones with surprises inside.

Below are a few shots I grabbed off of Nick and Josh’s iPhones while we were laid over in London. There are some pics of Varanasi and the last night we spent with Mia and her friends in Delhi. Thank you so much for all of your support in this endeavor!!

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Shots from Leh

We spent most of our time in Ladahk between the markets in downtown Leh and a few remote areas just south of Leh. It was absolutely beautiful up there and we were all so glad that we got to experience it. The terrain felt a lot like a cross between Death Valley and Mars; check out these shots from Ryan’s iPhone.

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