Ryan Schroeder, Colorist.

My work is the color, tones, and texture of every shot. By building a consistent look which supports the story, I finalize the images which the director and cinematographer intended.

your images at their best.

Color grading isn’t just knowing what the buttons and dials do. It’s listening to the desires of the director and embodying that in the visuals. It’s discovering where the eye should look and how to guide it. It’s feeling the subtle changes in emotion that a small change in color produces. Understanding the creative intent + knowing how to get there is what counts.

Creative work matters. I pride myself on ensuring the image looks as best as it can on the widest variety of displays via the highest technical standards throughout the grading and delivery process. Tone mapping, bit depth, x’y’z’ coordinates, gamuts, mezzanine codecs, delivery specifications, DCI resolutions, encoding parameters – that’s my jam.

let’s make your images incredible.

located downtown Vancouver, Canada + available for remote work world-wide. Drop me a message and let’s get to work.