DCP Creation Service

As we’ve created more films, we’ve had to create DCP packages for cinema playback, and have had more requests from others to create them as well. If your film is being shown in theatres, chances are you’ll be asked for a DCP. If this is you, let us help.

What we will send you:

We will provide you a zip file of your DCP as a digital download. At this time, we can only provide unencrypted 2K or 4K DCP’s.

What you’ll need to send us:

You’ll need to send us a digital copy of your film, using an online service (Dropbox, Google Drive, etc.) or on disk. Your film will need to adhere to the following standards:

Picture must be one of the following resolutions. Please note that these should be the full raster size of the file you deliver (i.e., not letterboxed). Send high-quality 10-bit source material (i.e., Prores 422HQ, DNxHD 175/DNxHR or better).

  • 2K Scope (2.39:1) Resolution: 2048×858
  • 2K Flat (1.85:1) Resolution: 1998×1080
  • 2K Full (1.90:1) Resolution: 2048×1080
  • 4K Scope (2.39:1) Resolution: 4096×1716
  • 4K Flat (1.85:1) Resolution: 3996×2160
  • 4K Full (1.90:1) Resolution: 4096×2160

Audio should be 5.1 or 7.1 surround sound. Please specify channel layout when delivering. Stereo (2.0) can also work, but is not recommended for theatres and, while it should work, cannot be guaranteed.

Frame rate can be delivered as 23.976fps or 24fps. Note that we will need to convert 23.976fps source material to 24fps and retime the audio accordingly. If your show is 29.97fps, please convert to 23.976fps first and deliver that to us.

What it will cost:

Our fees are simple: $4/minute of source material, with a minimum of $120, plus any applicable taxes.

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