Expect the Unexpected

As we partly expected — things have not gone as planned. Since the media team first decided to set out on this adventure last autumn, we’ve continually been surprised as we watched plan after plan get crumpled and crushed. For most people on a tight schedule, the slightest turn of events might throw them into an uproar, but I think that the past month’s events have prepared us for certain minor calamities. For example at 5am Monday morning, we arrived at the airport only to find out that our flight to Kulu had been cancelled and nothing else would fly us there that day. There were no freak-outs, no red faces, not even raised voices — just a calm and cool collective decision to put a 180 on our five-day itinerary and head to Chandigarh instead, where we planned to visit the Shanti Niketan Children’s Home after Dar-Ul-Fazl.

Through all this, we found out that Mia had not been able to keep food down for the past few days; she was very weak and took advantage of every flat surface we came across to lay down on. She pushed through and on our two-hour twisty mountain drive from the Chandigarh airport into the region of Himachal Pradesh, she was able to get a bit of fruit down and started to feel better. By dinner time, she was feeling better and eating again. We are at the Shanti home filming a side project to the documentary for Child of Mine. As we were getting ready to offload footage onto the MacBook we brought with us, it had a meltdown — thankfully the back-up is coming from Delhi tonight and it won’t have any affect on our progress. What a blessing and more assurance that God is in control of everything and knows far more than we can plan for!

Please continue to pray for the continued relationship-building that needs to happen in order for this project to be successful and for continued patience as we will possibly incur more of these little obstacles.

Photos by Ryan.

2 thoughts on “Expect the Unexpected

  1. Ariana

    Amazing!! This is exactly what happened to us when we tried to fly to Kullu last year (I have basically the same picture of the non-operational plane too). Except our bus ride was 10 hours to Manali. *headdesk* Can’t wait to see pics from DUF!!!!

    1. Ryan

      Yeah, really amusing that the same thing happened to both of us. What a crazy trip. Definitely all worked out in the end though – thanks for encouraging us along the way! (read: commenting on our photos/updates so we knew peoples back at home cared about us and were praying for us! hehe)


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