Shots from Leh

We spent most of our time in Ladahk between the markets in downtown Leh and a few remote areas just south of Leh. It was absolutely beautiful up there and we were all so glad that we got to experience it. The terrain felt a lot like a cross between Death Valley and Mars; check out these shots from Ryan’s iPhone.

3 thoughts on “Shots from Leh

    1. Ryan

      I decided it needed some Ansel, so the lack of color film turned out in its advantage 🙂 But seriously, I took a ton of stills on my SLR as well, and I am really itching to get to editing those!

  1. Coni Knepper

    WOW! Amazing pics! Praying for you all cant wait to hear some of the story. I know we have to be patient. Thanks for the pics


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