Monthly Archives: September 2011

Child of Mine: We Need You!

We’re excited to announce that in just one month, we’ll be going to India for two weeks to shoot a not-for-profit documentary showcasing an organization called Child of Mine. This project has been a long trip already for us – we knew that we’d like to do this project as long ago as a year now, and since then we’ve been working on getting together the right people and the right story together. These things are all falling into place, and the only thing we need to come together are the funds!

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Best Compressor Settings for Vimeo v2

We’ve had a lot of comments & questions on our blog post on how we encode video in preparation for uploading to Vimeo, which is the video sharing service we use. In this post, we’ll go more in-depth on what settings we chose & why, as well as a better way of getting the right codecs & settings up and running on your machine. This will probably work for other video sharing services as well, although we haven’t tested them.

¬†Vimeo recommends encoding using H.264, which we do also, but we use the x264 encoder instead of Apple’s default encoder. We’ve found that videos that are encoded in H.264 using Quicktime sometimes have gamma problems or experience heavy banding. And who likes banding? As a side note, there are other ways of dealing with banding further up your pipeline – Nick Vegas over at Greyscalegorilla has a great post on this.

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The Gospel & Teaching Through Media

Before you read, take a look at this. I have thoughts, I have questions…

I picked this particular piece because it seems to typify the kind of Christian media I think the most about. Why?

It’s the content; what’s being taught by implication or otherwise. As storytellers, filmmakers, creatives, our primary concern should always be the content, and the style can follow suit as of secondary importance. I think style has increased very well over the recent years, and can only get better and diversify as Christians who happen to be artists regain their calling.

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