Child of Mine: We Need You!

We’re excited to announce that in just one month, we’ll be going to India for two weeks to shoot a not-for-profit documentary showcasing an organization called Child of Mine. This project has been a long trip already for us – we knew that we’d like to do this project as long ago as a year now, and since then we’ve been working on getting together the right people and the right story together. These things are all falling into place, and the only thing we need to come together are the funds!

Update October 16: We’ve reached our goal!! Thank you everyone for giving. Unfortunately, as of the 16th, our trip has been delayed due to visa complications. Don’t worry, though, we will still be going to capture this great story! We’ll be posting frequently about our progress so feel free to follow along.
Update October 12: we are only $1,000 away from our goal!
Update October 11: we are only $2,000 away from our goal!
Update October 9: we are only $3,500 away from our goal!
Update October 7: we are only $5,000 away from our goal – nearly there!! As well, one of our donors has promised to match dollar-for-dollar any donations that are given between now and our departure date of October 15th. If you haven’t yet given, please consider giving what you can!

What is it?

Child Of Mine is a non-profit organization based out of a local Vancouver church called Westside Church. The organization oversees two Christian children’s homes in Northern India. Each home houses over 100 children who either have no family or come from a family too poor to meet their basic needs. The mission and mandate of Child Of Mine is to raise up the future leaders of India’s church. This starts by meeting the basic essential needs of these children: healthy food, clean water, adequate shelter, and an education.

Why are we making this?

Each month, Child Of Mine partners from Westside Church (Vancouver) and Willow Park Church (Kelowna) contribute financially to help pay for these essential needs, but the reality is that there are many children on the waiting list to be admitted into the homes and more funds are needed. In order to make more room at the orphanages for more children, more money and resources are needed. Our role as a film production company is to help raise awareness— to tell the story of these children to people here in Canada who can help provide support. Child Of Mine needs a means to share this story, and that’s where we come in! There is no better way to communicate the heartbeat of Child Of Mine and the needs of these children than the medium of film.

We’re passionate about creating a world-class documentary for this cause, and as such we’re thrilled to have Trevor Meier from Storyspark as our director. Trevor has a wealth of global, not-for-profit directing and shooting experience, which practically means that the organizations he has produced for have seen a financial return of at least double, but most often around ten times, what they had put into the project as a direct result of the production.

What are we asking from you?

We want to ask you to consider partnering with us! A production of this magnitude involves a huge amount of time and money, and without your participation this project will not be possible. We, along with Trevor, are offering all production (including pre and post) time and energy to Child Of Mine free of charge. A production of this magnitude would normally cost upwards of $250,000; however, as a team we are trying to raise just $30,000 to cover the essential costs of airfare, travel insurance, and production equipment. So far, we have had over a third of that come in – we just need to raise the last $20,000! We’d greatly appreciate your financial support in making this production a success!

But more than asking you to partner with us financially – we want you to join with us on this journey, and even more so, the journey of Child of Mine. We’ll make sure you get to see the finished film, and you’ll even get a special thanks in the credit of the film. Thank you for your support!

You can easily give online at Click GIVE, set Designation Fund to India 2011 Media Team, and enter “Transposition Films” in the Note field. All funds raised go directly into the project and are fully tax-receiptable for you individually or your company.

Or, if you’d like to mail a cheque, fill out this Donation Form, and mail it to:

Westside Church
210-1909 W Broadway
Vancouver, BC V6J 1Z3

“Transposition Films is committed to world-class productions. The crew at Transpositions Films are some of the best writers, photographers, videographers, and producers in the industry. Child Of Mine feels so blessed to have this team donate their time, passion, and energy toward this great cause.”
–Chad MacDonald (Pastor at Westside Church)

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