at the backstage lounge

A whole bunch of my musician friends that I know through Westside played at the Backstage Lounge this last Monday, so I decided to show up with our new Sony FS-100 camera and Canon 24-70 2.8L lens (plus I had never seen any of the groups play before – what kind of friend am I!?) First of all, I really enjoyed all of there music – some skilled peeps I tell ya!

I was also blown away by the performance of this camera. Really. I had the gain set to 18dB, sometimes as high as 24dB (the camera goes up to 30dB), and it’s such a clean and beautiful picture. For those of you who who are starting to lose interest, turning up the gain that high on most cameras would turn the picture in a noisy mess of UGLY. (Not sure that regained anyone’s interest but no matter! I am PUMPED!!) The camera saw almost better than I did in some circumstances.

Here are the beautiful peoples and their beautiful musics (with more to come!)

Jeremey Zimmerman and Sarah Miller / Shout Out Loud

Marc Ross / We Are Known

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