The Saving One // cover by Jeremey Zimmerman


Doing what you love for a living means sometimes you get to do it just for fun. A couple months ago, we asked a friend of ours—the fantastic Jeremey Zimmerman (whom we’ve filmed playing music before)—if he’d be into recording a cover of the song “The Saving One” by Starfield. It turned out early the next morning was most convenient time for all of us to shoot so within 24 hours we had it filmed. After over two months of post-production—mostly because a certain documentary shoot took much of our time—and a bang up editing job by our fearless intern Joanna, we are pleased to present Jeremey Zimmerman singing The Saving One from the rooftops.

shot on our Scarlet-X with the Canon 24-70 2.8L || Josh Knepper
edited in Premiere Pro CS6 || Joanna Matthews
graded in Davinci Resolve || Ryan Schroeder
sound editor/engineer || Brandon Dorsey

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