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The Gospel & Teaching Through Media

Before you read, take a look at this. I have thoughts, I have questions… I picked this particular piece because it seems to typify the kind of Christian media I think the most about. Why? It’s the content; what’s being taught by implication or otherwise. As storytellers, filmmakers, creatives, our primary concern should always be […]

Buried: Photography

Transposition Films & friends shot Buried in 60 seconds for our submission to the Virgin Radio Fake Film Festival. While we didn’t win (what, they can’t see talent when it’s right in front of them!?) we’re cutting together a longer version to present. While that’s happening, here are some photographs to enjoy from the shoot, thanks […]

we become three: the newest member of Transposition

As of November 1st, we’re ecstatic to announce that Josh Knepper has joined Transposition Films! Here’s the thing about Josh.  If a problem needs solving, he’s probably done it before or knows someone who has.  He’s traveled the world shooting & editing documentaries, over a decade experience of camera hosting and episodic production, not to […]

Veda Hille – Singing Polaris Review

Swung by with some lights & sound one afternoon to work with our buddy Josh Knepper to put this together. Created for You can find Heartland and other Owen Pallett music here: And don’t forget to go here for Veda Hille goodness: Check out the 2010 Polaris Music Prize nominees here:​2010longlist/